At Radson b.v., Zonhoven (Belgium), radiators are de-greased and phosphatised in an Eisenmann conveyor spray booth station before immersion painting. The conveyor line includes two active zones, each with a storage volume of 13,500 l, and completes a full rotation 18 times per hour.

A customer in southern Germany processes pump housings and valve bodies made from spheric grey cast and grey cast on 2 processing centers. Processing releases fine particles of abraded cast iron and graphite particles, which contaminate the cooling lubricant. The processing oil had to be replaced after a very few weeks of operation, because the surface quality of the work pieces was degraded as the contamination of the oil increased.

At Progress-Werke Oberkirch, a subcontractor to the automobile industry, deep-drawn parts are manufactured from carbon or galvanized steels. A problem arose on 2 Müller-Weingarten presses in which the cooling lubricant emulsion had to be changed every week due to the increased concentration of foreign oils and fine contamination. In addition, employees were suffering from skin irritations. A belt filter which was already in use on the installation did not improve cleaning performance adequately.