Centrifugal separators

fully automatic

The automatically draining centrifugal separators of the A series achieve optimum filter fineness even with a high quantity of sludge. Up to 50 kg per hour can be discharged, depending on the type of sludge. The separated sludge has lower residual moisture.


  • step 1


  • step 2

    Emptying residual liquid and sludge drying

  • step 3



  • Injector separation nozzle for returning cleaned medium at approx. 0.5 bar pressure
  • Separate scraper drive, counterrunning free-wheel system
  • Sound- and vibration-damping double-jacket design
  • Reduced scraping moment through spirally arranged spatula scrapers – air guides for final drying of sludge

Fully automatically draining centrifugal separator for relatively high sludge quantities.

Application: Fine cleaning of industrial fluids with relatively high quantities of solids, for example in glass and ceramic processing, for paint sludge discharge in painting systems, in metal cutting, surface treatment baths, washing or vibratory grinding fluids, etc.