At STA we develop and manufacture systems for separating solids and oils from fluids. Since 1992 we have been applying our process technology know-how to solve fluid contamination problems, helping our customers to minimise operating costs, improve product quality, and ensure environmental protection.

We focus on systems that achieve maximum separation performance by centrifugal acceleration, gravitation and coalescence, without the use of filter aids. Our systems extract solids in compact and pure form, as well as tramp oils in high concentration.

This helps increasing service life of machining fluids and tools, reducing disposal costs and  maximising production outputs.


STA Centrifugal Separators are using the physical effect of phase separation in centrifugal fields for the cleaning of process fluids. Even unfilterable media are reliably cleared from particles or secondary liquid phases without use of disposables. The removed solids are dry and pure. Centrifugal Separators are relatively compact systems and easy to be integrated; they fit a wide range of applications.



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