Clean water without chemicals

…but with physics: STA Centrifugal Separators clear grinding water, coolant and other process liquids reliably and without use of consumables. They separate microparticles effectively thanks to the high rotor accelerations and discharge them as dry residues.

Time is money, space is scarce

and costs for consumables and disposal are a thorn in your side: Use your capacities for glass production and not for digging out and cleaning large precipitation tanks. Let our machines do the cleaning – they are built to do the joub with unmatched efficiency, using minimum space and no chemicals, nor filter disposables. Their enormous rotor accelerations of about 2,000 g are applied effectively on the glass particles, achieving high grade efficiencies for particles sizes even down to 1 to 3 microns.

Clean water will improve the grinding performance and increase life of coolant, tools  and the machine. The separated sludge is perfectly compressed and doesn’t require further drying. STA Centrifugal Separators help saving water, time, disposal costs and a loads of space.

By making flocculation chemicals completely obsolete there is no more clogging of grinding wheels or system pipings, the water stays freee from salt and your machine stays free from rust.

2x U-15 on double-edger

Your grinding shop is something special?

We will build your water treatment installation so it fits. With STA Engineering you will get a system that suits your needs, and at the same time you will benefit from our expertise in process water cleaning and recycling, so you can be sure that it will work well and reliably throughout many years.

We combine our self-cleaning Centrifugal Separators with our proven cyclone tank systems; we design energy-saving ways of process supply with pressure feed-back and frequency inverter controlled pumps.


  • Edging and bevelling
  • CNC-machining (external and internal coolant)
  • ceramic glass
  • optical glass

Application examples glass grinding

Glass-ceramic cooktop bevelling

One of the leading manufacturers of flat glass for special applications is grinding glass with a high silicon content. His facilities include 3 beveling machines. The machines aresupplied with coolant…

 Glass-ceramic cooktop bevelling

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