DPS System:

The STA DPS system is a plate phase separator for static separation of two fluid phases which differ in density by at least 5% (e.g. coolant lubricant emulsion and hydraulic oil). Using gravitation (sinking of the heavy phase) and coalescence (merging of droplets), the light phase is made to float when flowing through the unit, and continually runs off.

Plate phase separators are used more and more frequently on account of increasing requirements regarding purity of industrial fluids, e.g. the separation of mineral oils from waste water, emulsions and degreasing baths. They can be operated with very low operating costs and can be used universally.

DPS systems are made of stainless steel and are thus suitable even for hot and aggressive fluids (pH 3.5 -14, Tmax=90° C).

On account of their automatic level monitoring, they are designed for unattended operation, and comply with the specifications of the German Water Resources Act (WHG, Para. 19). They are available with heat insulation or with heater.

STA DPS systems are available in 6 sizes:

  DPS 100 DPS 350 DPS 700 DPS 1050 DPS 2100 DPS 3000
Volume approx. 90 l approx. 180 l approx. 230 l approx. 280 l approx. 400 l approx. 500 l
Flow rate 100 l/h (approx. 1-2 l/min) 350 l/h (approx. 6 l/min) 700 l/h (approx. 12 l/min) 1.050 l/h (approx. 18 l/min) 2.100 l/h (approx. 35 l/min) 3.000 l/h (ca. 50 l/min)