Mikrofilter Clear Tube

You need cristal clear water? Your oil should look like new?

Then make it double right: CTS is the perfect combination of grinding water cleaning with Centrifugal Separator and clear water recovery for CNC machining centre spindles or glass  washers by back-flushing microfilter ClearTube. Without any consumables and fully automatically ClearTube generates crystal clear water (NAS 7/8),

even from heavily polluted grinding water. And combined with STA Centrifugal Separator the periodically back-flushed slurry is just separated together with the grinding water. Hence there is only dry sludge collected in one place. The CTS is a complete solution for any grinding water as well as spindle or wash water.

Mikrofilter Clear Tube

  • Automatically back-flushing

CTS System

  • outstanding filtration efficiency: 1-3 µm (NAS 7/8)
  • high flow rate at small filter area: 3,5-5 l/min per filter unit
  • no need for filter aids
  • works with oil (also water-contaminated), water, emulsion
  • long filter life
  • fully automatic and uninterrupted operation
  • separating HSS, tungsten carbide, glass,..
  • dry sludge when combined with Centrifugal Separator
  CTS-80 CTS-80 CTS-80 CTS-80 CTS-80
FIlterarea m² 2,5 4 8 12 16
Volume flow [l/min] 80 120 240 360 480